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Shower and Bath Body Oil Gift Pack (3)


The moisturiser you use in the shower. Choose only the best in natural and organic oils that leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated. After your wash routine, whilst your skin is still wet, boost your skin hydration with some highly moisturising body oil. 


  • Super nourishing for your skin

  • A wonderfully light oil that doesn’t clog your pores

  • Repairs and revitalises dry and irritable skin

  • Hydrates, potentially reduces wrinkles and promotes skin wellbeing

  • Relaxing and rejuvenating

  • Low allergy frequent use for all skin types

  • Luxury for body and hair


Organic macadamia oil, active seaweed extracts, organic jojoba oil, organic safflower oil, organic olive oil, organic grape seed oil and lavender oil

3 x 100ml Pump Bottle